Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"2 Irish Car Bombs"

There was a lot of that this weekend! It was a travelling circus back home in Allentown... yeah, the town with Dorney Park and that Billy Joel song. And the people that drive like Billy Joel. With the same levels of blood-alcohol. Without the same supermodel girlfriends.

We went out on the suddenly annual St. Patty's bar tour of A-town. A mixture of cheap dives, pretentious Irish Pubs, and people you haven't seen since hitting puberty. And those car bombs, of course! My dad even offered to pick us up later. I almost forgot we weren't going to sneak into rated-R movies! But as for my dad- good samaritan? Or vicarious pop tryin to catch a glipse of drunk college chicks. Hmmm. In any case, we didn't need him.

I called the attention of a 2-foot Wawa hoagie instead, which soaked up my potbelly of Irish beverage (not Shamrock shakes). And my very hangover-free Sunday morning benefitted as well from this 24 inches of glory. Oh, stop it! I was worried though, walking out of Wawa with this cardboard sniper rifle case. It payed off. We ate. We drank. It was merry.

Now take your damn kilt off!