Thursday, March 1, 2007

Traffic Court

That's where I'm headed tonight. Second time in my life I'm heading to see a judge. First time? I was playing drums. My neighbors weren't fans. *wa la* Civil case! This time? I was escaping a monster accordian on wheels. Local cops weren't clued in to that. *presto* Traffic court!

Yes, tonight will be the case of "Septa/Philadelphia Police Dept vs. part-time delivery dude". Start your underdog chant now, got it?? As of right now, the spread is Septa/PPD - $125, Intern Dave + 3 license points. Oddsmakers are saying the city will probably cover the spread, and retain the money they "earned", while the points Dave incurred will probably be lost, after he challenges the play. Points, afterall, are frivilous, since the city can't make money off them- an important point many betters are taking into account.

So make your bets before 9:00 tonight! I'll be back tomorrow (I hope) with a breakdown of all the action. Much love,

Defendant Dave