Thursday, March 15, 2007

Craigslist Addiction

So there's this list, goes by the name of Craig. Perhaps you've heard of it. I am personally indebted to it. I am gay for it, for Craig, and his online list. I admit it! I found my apartment, my jobs, furniture, entertainment, electronics... everything this year! I have more Craigslist paraphenalia than newly-weds have IKEA. It's that serious.

And yesterday I finally got the last 2 things I've been desiring- Playstation 2 and a love seat. Not necessarily in that order. Not necessarily to compliment one another! But they came within 24 hours of each other, and now I feel complete. They were the last things I've been on the prowl for since moving into my own place again, here in the city of brotherly love. And what brotherly love it is, to have one huge-ass garage sale online and live off each other's crap they don't want anymore! I embrace it. This whole future things is pretty alright.

So looks like it's back to reading about foot fetish parties and sperm donor ads. Craigslist, much like America is a melting pot of all aspects and walks of life! Just watch out for Nigerian wire scams. Oh, and the get rich quick schemes. You want to get rich quick? Rob a bank. Don't lick envelopes. As for me, my apartment is finally complete. And I don't give myself one week before I'm e-mailing somebody else about their junk!

Happy surfing.