Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hung Like King Tut

Well we didn't have Indiana Jones in-studio today, or the "Boy King" himself, but our buddy Mark did spark my interest in the ongoing slice of history at the Franklin Institute. Apparently this Egypt place was much more than a failed nightclub on Delaware Ave! I gotta go check this out, I mean this Tut exhibit seems pretty badass. And as for the Institute itself, I have never been! And I pretend to like history. Scoff at me. Please, do it.

Ahhh, much better. Vindicated. Anyway yeah, so I think I'm gonna go! A real favorite of girlfriends everywhere: a history date!

"Hey, sweetie? I was thinkin... we should probably go out this weekend. I wanna take you to the city..."

"Ooooh! What restaurant?! The new Stephen Starr?! There's this great new club that opened in olde City, I been needing to shop anyway, hey can we stop--"

"Actually I was thinking about a decomposing grave exhibit"

Try that one on for size. Works like a charm. No, actually, I'm a lucky dude cause my girl's been begging to hit up the old Franklin Institute. We'll see when we can score free passes, then I'll tell ya all about it. Until then, I'll be working on my chin-goatee.

Peace in the Tut-free Middle East!