Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Acceptable is UNacceptable!

So today on the show we learned that "metrosexuality" is apparently on it's way out. Call me skeptic, but until all men's pink undershirts get the disco treatment, a la Shea Stadium... the metros are here to stay! Today, after the 5 phonecall jury yielded a decisive and SHOCKING verdict- that manicures were ACCEPTABLE, I just gotta say... interns aint always dumb. So get that straight. We know a thing or two! Ok, a thing.

But honestly, come on loyal classic rock listeners! Y'all are from the days of blue collar grit, dirty jeans, American cars, songs about chicks, booze and workin in factories! What happened to all that?! Hell, even housewives had more balls than your average dude on the street today! Ok to get your nails done?? I'd rather scratch them on a chalk board.

Now I know what you're saying... Dave, come on, you have to have some nasty little girly secrets hidden in the man closet... no way you're getting off this easy! OK. Fair. Point taken. I'm no Hulk Hogan, Rambo, or the ultimate... Bond. I'll admit, my ass is as smooth and round as the day I was born... BUT! If it WERE a hairy, mangey mess like most dudes, I would NOT be seeking out a wax job. Some things are just meant to be. Like men being men.

-MAN(not)I(n need of)CURE