Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Biggest Gainer??

We shall see who it is on Monday! My money is going to stay on human-bio Scott. I'm highly doubting the will of the women to have any astronomical increase of weight broadcast all over the tri-state area. I'm tempted to go with the fan favorite, Tiny, but I'll stick with my first instinct. Don't know about you, but I am very excited about this, as it is my first in-studio contest! If you tuned in today, you would know I am definitely NOT in the running. Only the kind that happens in the hallway outside the studio when Tiny is called in. I gotta be honest, this guy makes Giant Brian look like Tiny Tim. I probably looked like the zipper on Tiny's jeans, standing next to him. A true competitor.

So that was my morning. Not your average week (2 days) on the John DeBella Show. Before I forget, I would like to take use this paragraph to wish my fellow co-workers/ tormentors a most joyous Holiday! Watch the turkey hangover, have fun with the in-laws, and don't get caught playing footsie under the table with your cousin. Happy Thanksgivin'!

Peace in Pilgrim land.