Thursday, November 30, 2006

Listen to your mom...

Take your damn vitamins! And get a good night's sleep. More than 5 hours. More than 6 hrs. Especially in morning radio. John told me my second day in... "You think it's easy now, don't ya...punk. You got up early 2 days in a row...just wait til WEEK 2 hits!" I don't know why I made him sound like Dirty Harry there, but... my point being- PROBABLY shoulda taken the advice of someone who's been getting up before the crack of dawn for longer than I've existed.

I've been telling myself (at the behest of my girlfriend) START POPPIN' VITAMINS! I'll even consider going oldschool, a bottle of Flintstone's...anything! They make up for those missing 2 hours of sleep, they are tasty, and all kinds of other neat things. Scared of getting rickets or bleeding diathesis? Pop a lil D2, maybe a lil vitamin K. Bam. Blocked. 800% daily value and whatnot. Give it to me! What do I got to lose? Maybe it was fate then, that I found myself in conversation today with John and Giant Brian over Betty Rubble. Not on the health benefits of eating her, but rather, how hot a piece of cartoon ass she was. To which I agreed! But I am going to take that as a sign, an omen of sorts. I am leaving the station today and searching out a big fat bottle. I refuse to remain sick and miss out on my first full week of The JDB Show! Not happenin'.

And Bob Saget's calling in. I'm there.