Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Happy 24th Year in Philly!

I gotta start out today by saying congratulations to John... you have been gracing the airwaves of Philadelphia for exactly as long as I have existed. On August 8th, 1982, my mother had enough! After 10 months of lugging me around inside it was time to expose me to the world. And although I'm sure your debut, just 2 months later, did NOT involve a scalpel, stomach staples and anestegia... God nonetheless smiled when it happened. And then regretted it for the rest of time.

Go Go! Get the hell out of my cubicle so I can finish this blog in time! F'n Go Go... I was saying, I have to throw some props to the man who has graced the greater Tri-state area with HIS presence for just as long as I've been around. Fate? Destiny? Probably not. All I know is, John, if and when you ever quit radio, let's hope I don't keel over dead. I will haunt you.

Peace in the Northeast.