Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Where's John?!

Today was an interesting way to start the week. I gotta start out and say... it's a lot of fun walking in and seeing my man Go Go behind the wheel! While John, Brian and Jen braved the elements outside today in search of turkeys, Go Go and I held the fort down back at the station. And much to everyone's surprise, you didn't hear any dead air, botched phone calls or equipment explosions. Mission accomplished. And I've never had so many conversations about turkey in my life. The lines were FLOODED with charitible people... so thank you to everyone who helped us out. That's right, not one jerkoff call the entire morning! It sounded like the Turkey Drop was a resounding success. Much love.

So, that slams the book on my first "remote" experience in radio. Not too shabby of one either, with all our MGK troops deployed around the DeBellaware Valley. Quite the crash course in remote broadcasting... I gotta throw props to Professor Rich "Go Go" Russo for his teaching! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Eve. You might say I'm excited.

Turkeys fight food insecurity! Donate, y'all.