Friday, November 17, 2006

Best Buy. Worst Result.

I want to start this post out by saying that working in a radio station does NOT curb your manly instinct to indulge in slick new electronic gear. After spending each morning watching DeBella navigate the master controls of the WMGK mothership, I definitely start to get the techno-itch. And last night... I scratched that bastard. Sort of.

See, I've been struggling through a battle most guys can relate to. I was on a mission to buy a new, top-o-the-line, mirror spinning, plasma-dripping, LC whatever- I NEED A BADASS TV! Period.

I spent too much time writing down the names of our listeners who won plasma TVs THEMSELVES. I want in! And since I'd be carted off to jail for trying an in-station prize scam (Brian pussed out) I decided to just go down to the local Best Buy and do the damn thang. Sure, I'm broke, but that's what credit is for. Yes, mine is still in the 3 digit category, but that's my problem. Not yours.

Long story short, I went through the hassle of haggling, price-matching, rebates, promotional offers, free tv stands, blah blah blah... had the deal of a lifetime. Put $900 on credit. Paid $600. Debitted $115. Filled out the warranty card. Validated my Reward Zone. Sold my soul as collateral. And what happened next? TV wasn't in stock.

Gotta run! Gonna go home and pass out to HBO on my 14" Samsung picture box.

Peace in the Northeast Best Buy. Unless they don't have my TV by Monday.