Tuesday, January 9, 2007

De'Bella, De Ball, and Tigger!

One is a porn star. One was injured during a Denise Austin workout. And the other preys on children at Disney World! Just another day on The John DeBella Show. As far as Mondays go (and for me Tuesday is Monday), not a bad way to "claw" my way back into the workweek. HA! Hahaha ha...a heh...heh... uhh... yeah.

That's why I leave the humor to the John and gang. Anyway... Mummers! Eagles! What a kickass weekend for the city. My Mummer's Parade virginity was broken. Me and my gal waded through the throngs of mostly drunk Italians all over Broad St, and had a great time being the only sober folks out on Saturday morning mumming it up. So, if you saw that guy in the crowd with the Budweiser case over his head... not me. Nor was I in face paint, under an umbrella or strutting my stuff in a fat suit. But it was fun to watch! Only thing missing was street corner stores with "Big Ass Beers" for sale. And of course beads.

Then Sunday, the Birds moved in the first direction toward ANOTHER kind of parade! So this week, they advance to the land of Mardis Gras, speak o' the devil. So listen up, Saints- here's the deal. You get a parade every year... no matter what. With naked women, no less. How bout you just let us slip on by this year, huh? Cool. Thanks. The Super Bowl aint no big deal anyway, I mean the chicks there have to wear pasties!

This year has been off to an amazing start. Keep em crossed for more of the same. Until tomorrow, loyal listeners... I'm off to download "Da Bigger, De'Bella"