Friday, January 5, 2007

Santa Claw

Guess I'll have to get used to it. I have been dubbed "The Claw" as of 6:15 am this morning. Serves me right for going after John's stack of stuff! Intern faux pau. Yep, that's me looming over Jen to the right there. I went for her later. Sometimes I dress like the invisible man, so what? You can't see me. But John did. All I wanted to know was the odds on the playoff games (as if I have any money to risk losing right now). But I can pretend, and feel good then when I'm wrong on each bet and never put any money down in reality! Ha!
Anyway, laugh it up. What's odd is, I may have the most menacing nickname in radio intern history. Usually they are just like, "Pete the Virgin" or "Freeloader Danny". I'd tear those fools in half!
I can just see it. "Oh, hey... how's your intern working out for ya? Wow. Real go-getter? Funny guy, huh? Yeah. Mine mangles listeners." Great. Hey, it is what it is.
Anyway, Sometimes I hope this blog translates to at least one person out there (of the 3 readers). I need a good, hearty nap. It's been tough getting back into form. By next week I'll have it down! Unless the Eagles lose. Then... well, Giant Brian probably be the only one that shows up. Only way to find out is to keep listenin'! Shameless.
Ok, I'm off into the sunrise! Peace out, Go Birds.