Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's Working!

Heyyy folks! Sorry about yesterday's lack of blog. Apparently either "blogspot" was overrun by traffic, or the more likely explanation- our computer system just flat out sucks. In any case, today it's working. Today I'm working (thanks to double-bagged pots of Folgers) and today the show was working... which isn't always the case with an in-studio guest! But, yeah... how about that Ant? Who knew people under 5 feet were so hilarious?! And you know, John was right. During commercial breaks ius when it got gay. REAL gay. I felt like I stumbled headfirst into a supermarket tabloid rack. I swear, Ant chatting it up with Giant Brian was like witnessing David and Goliath host The View. Minus The Donald insults.

Good time today though. If I had cable, I'd rush home and see how John's tangerine and periwinkle comes off on the tube! Sadly, I don't. But I will. As many of you know, God's greatest gift to television starts up again for the 6th time this Sunday. That's right. The one, the only, the American James Bond... 24 !!! My big plan is to find an HD antenna off Craigslist and tune that sucker in, via free cable cord sticking out the back of my living room carpet. I'll update my progress this weekend. Lord willing, I'll have 42" full, crystal clear high def digital numbers counting down in my living room come Sunday. That and Eagles numbers counting UP on Saturday!

Pretty sure that you're gayyyyyyyyyyy.

Peace in the NorthEast.