Friday, January 19, 2007

Intern Pick 'Em

I decided to follow up Jen's predictions with my own... and I did not overhear these down the hall at WPEN. These are my own stone cold locks. Bet the farm! Whatever that means.

I am really thinking Top Dog vs. Underdog. Gotta go Colts/ Saints!

That's right, Peyton vs. The Bayou. From teacher's pet of the NFL to national villain in just one game. Imagine the drama... the Colts' hopes of stopping the Cinderella story of the New Orleans Saints' season. From Peyton to "Seyton". I'm telling you, that's what I'm feeling! Take it or leave it.

Honestly, I hope the Saints make it, but even more-so, I need the Patriots to lose. I can't TAKE it anymore. They have become the NY Yankees of the NFL, I mean every year! Enough already! Enough with the cut-off hoodies and the cutie quarterbacks. Leave! Go away! They are just soooo boring. New England? Give me a break... I wonder what all those timeshare Super Bowl parties are like.

Happy NFL Playoffs to all!