Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Go Phils!

I had 2 days to rant. Not touching it. Besides, it feels like Spring, which means baseball is on my mind. And it will STAY on my mind, because where there's Ryan Howard, there's hope. Oh, and solid starting pitching. Which we should have this year! I'm telling you, if there's any team to break this city's 24 year drought of sports championships... but your blue collar dollar on the Fightin' Phils.

And speaking of 24... I am in desperate need of the past 2 episodes of the TV show. The one that kicks all other shows asses. Yeah, that's the one. Feel free to either punt them or pass them up my way (longer than 15 yards) to WMGK/ JDB Show, One Bala Plaza, Suite 339, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004! I will be forever grateful! And mention your name on the air. And rig contests for you. Thank you.

Ugh, why Andy?? WHY!?! How could- ....15 yards! That's all! What the -- *sigh* Go Phils.