Wednesday, January 3, 2007

007 is Upon Us!

Hey! Happy New Year to all you in the DeBellaware Valley and beyond... freakin' 007. This HAS to be a good year! Full of adventures... martinis... babes... Oddjobs. I have a feeling I'll be experiencing most of the latter. But I DID dabble in the others already! I join John in the 'chilled out' holiday experience. High school reunion night at the local bar was not in my agenda. Nor was going anywhere near a Wal-Mart, or any other potentially suicide-inducing shopping... place. I'm 24, and guess what? That's the age where staying at home with your girlfriend's parents, a few good friends, tequila and a coon hound sounds like a GREAT plan.

But what a feeling, coming back to the show after a healthy one and a half weeks! It feels like going back to school after summer break, or maybe seeing an old girlfriend after a couple years. And yes, I happened to embrace going back to school. Shut up. And no, none of the JDB cast is an ex-flame. So put them Jen Posner rumors to rest!

Being back feels good. All three of my alarm clocks worked this morning (sorry babe)! Got here on time, had a good show. It's been a good start! Now if the Eagles win this week, I won't know what to do with myself... guess I'll just wait for those martinis and babes. Happy New Year y'aaalll!