Friday, December 22, 2006


Well, it's here. A Merry F'n Christmas! Dennis Leary told us earlier. Today was our last show until the year 2007! Crazy. I swear this week just started. I swear this YEAR just started! Is it true that the older you get, the faster the years go? I know the older I get the faster I have to go. I brought Dunkin Donuts and their coffee in today and 3 donuts, 5 bathroom breaks later, here I am, doing my '06 sign-off blog. And no, it wasn't all that caffeine that made Giant Brian pull a Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka into the Christmas tree this morning. He's just an animal.

And a darn good guy too! The man himself just handed me a giftcard a second ago. And Jen just left me with a bottle of wine minutes before! I tell ya, John don't hire no slouch! Which makes me wonder why I'm still here. Good thing I went all out and got everybody coffee and donuts! ......... I plead the 5th. The intern 5th. Let's hope I have enough gas money, combined with my girlfriend to even get HOME this Christmas! I'll be alright...

And I hope all of you lovely listeners are alright. Better than alright! I know I am... John just threw yet another present into my lap! Himself. I'm kidding! Wow this is nice though, thank you to everyone on the show who has helped me out this year. John, Jen, Brian and Go Go. The whole posse- couldn't think of a better group to start out with in radio. Thank you! But LISTEN, I hope all you listeners have the Best Christmas Ever, truly, madly, deeply, sincerely... It's been lovely talking to/ meeting/ screening/ taking sh*t from you at the tail-end of this year! Look forward to a great start in '007!

Much love and Holiday cheer... MERRRY CHRISTMAS!

Peace in the Northeast, Good will toward the Eagles.

Intern Dave.