Monday, December 11, 2006

Hangover Post

So here I am, back in action on the DeBella Show, writing the obligatory and proverbial "hangover" post. It was a beautiful thing, taking Friday off. Especially with the full understanding of my colleagues. Whoever came up with that idea deserves a raise! Not in the budget? Lunch with the intern...on me. Takers? Anybody? Anyon- ...*ahem*...uhh...ok, forget it. The DeBall was indeed a freakin' ball! I had a great time out at the Sheraton, that is, my lovely lady and I (as she would correct me) had quite an extravagant night of walking around, rocking around, eating things we could never afford, in clothes we (I) could never afford...stalking the rockstar otherwise known as John DeBella... I was a groupie! I admit it! First time in my life that I combined my boss, myself, and a bottle of bourbon into a picture (or whatever that stuff was). And...yes...I suppose it was the first time a boss of mine groped my girlfriend. In front of me. Anything for a promotion! But heyy... it's been a week of firsts, what should I expect.

3 extra hours in bed, 4 painkillers and about 5 glasses of water was my prescription for a fun-filled Friday, WITHOUT worshipping the ivory bowl. Oh, and a vitamin. I'm taking my own advice. I'd pay money to see John's wake-up though! Sounded like his night lasted much longer than mine. And that's how a 25th annie SHOULD go down. I'm proud of the man!

Thanks to all 3 of you blog readers who stumbled upon me there. I was right on the money! I knew you were out there...nice meeting/chatting/whatever else I might have done... What a blur. Shout out to all the lovely staff at WMGK, everyone looked great out of casual Friday mode... shout out to the guy who kept the drinks flowing after the open bar shut down upstairs (if you could stomach oysters in your vodka), and lastly shout out to all the guys without dates who kept me busy playing overprotective boyfriend- Hope you lucked out at the bars later!

Let's do it again. Only 361 days left!