Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's Crunch Time

I realized today on the show, after John went off about his Christmas predicament, that I too was in the same boat. I swore I was on top of my "To Buy" list, but here I am just FOUR days from the big day and I gotta admit, I'm screwed! I think this year more than any other, I just have been too busy to realize that's it's the season. This is it. Why hasn't it hit?! I've been driving past all the beautiful, festive home decor in the Northeast every night! The lights tangled lazily around the front bush, the lights circling around the Big Wheel that's half-buried in the front yard, the signs are all there! The negro Santa Claus, face cleverly layered in thick brown sharpie. All true accounts! I don't know how the spirit of the season hasn't hit hard yet for me. Kinda hard, though, when these past few weekends I didn't know whether to shop or sunbathe.

Inevitably, my mission for Friday and Saturday is "git err done." The shopping. All of it. Preferably at places where claustrophobia isn't mandatory for check-out. And if that doesn't work out... hopefully I'll at least get a good story or two out of it. Stay tuned, good luck shopping, and if you're girlfriend or wife is telling you she doesn't want anything this year- SHE'S LYING!

Cheers, from the Northeast Pole.