Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Oh Holy Nightmare

Wow. What a show today. Let me first apologize to all of John's faithfuls that have to stick with him through thick and thin (and off key)! I rolled out of bed at 5:20 this morning, got to the station late and all of a sudden I am doing a little of this, little that, some announcing, throw in some soloing... and the wine had to come YESTERDAY!

So... you heard it. "My turn" or so I thought, at being hazed into the JDB club. They got me! I fell for it. I admit it. Us interns... middle name: Gullible. But guess what? We also thrive on pressure. I put pressure in my cereal bowl when I wake up... just for flavor. I wipe my ass with pressure. Double-ply. I mean what do you think they teach us kids in college?? Guess what you are feeling when you are hoisted up, 6 feet in the air, upside-down, tap in mouth, everyone chanting your name?! You got it. What's it like choosing between Dave Matthews Band, The Dead or a Phish album for your dorm party?! There it is again. That's right... pressure. And we learn to embrace it!

So, I hope I did just that today. Hope y'all enjoyed my Christmas solo! Truth be told, I hadn't been that nervous since I first found myself in the production studio alone with Go Go. But it was fun! Singing. Not... yeah. You get it. Right... so then, I'm out like AI!

Peace in the NorthEast.