Thursday, December 7, 2006

It's Dress Up Time

Time to act like a grown up! At least on the surface... As most of you know, it's here. Today is the infamous day. Time to go out, get measured up, shine the shoes, comb your hair, comb your mustache, and of course, convince your sweetheart she looks amazing and can stop freakin' out! The DeBella DeBall is indeed tonight. I am personally very excited about this...lucky bastard I am, to have stumbled into this station at such a momentous time! Not too shabby for my first radio event. Gotta give my girlfriend strict cut-off orders. If there's anyone getting the wounded-soldier treatment outta the Sheraton, it's John, NOT his intern! Should be fun though, seeing everyone dolled up, who I otherwise always see in a perpetual "Casual Friday" state. Gotta love radio. Although my money says if you lift up Go Go's penguin suit, you'll find a an Eagles sweatshirt underneath. Go ahead, try it!

So I'm out of here! Lots of grooming to do, gameplanning for how I'm getting home. Any hotel parties?? Find me. I'm gonna ask Giant Bob and Patti Carothers... if you're flyin' in- you're getting wild. OK...I have an appointment at whatever shop it was that had the cheapest tux for rent in town. Hopefully they have stain insurance.

See y'all tonight!