Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wassail Tov?

That's right, Wassail Tov! That's my holiday invention for the year...what do you think?! Mixing a door-to-door celebration of song and booze with an old Jewish blessing of good luck and fortune. Pretty badass, huh? I mean it's fun, seasonal, multi-cultural! I think I've got something here. How about this... Everyone start calling in and requesting that I, Intern Dave, need go out in the DeBellaware Valley and wassail up a freakin' storm! I could go on a mini-in-home-listener-sponsored tour. "Open your doors to the JDB Show and let John's intern sing you an old tune, wish you fortune, and sample your spiced wine" Just a sip, or 6. Genius. Any takers??

Ok, maybe I am delusional from my even earlier alarm clock as of late, due to the absence of Giant Brian. Fear not, though, the man, the myth, the behemoth WILL be back in-studio tomorrow! Minus the asscot. To that I look forward to, but even more exciting right now is the hearty NAP I'm about to take. Which I've needed since the DeBall. It's time has come. My time has past. Wassail Tov!!!