Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Classic Rock meets Hip Hop?

It's official- Run DMC is on tour with Aerosmith again! Yeah right. If you believed me... it's official- you just got hosed. But it's all good, because the second coming of classic rock meeting hip hop HAS, in fact, happened. And gimmicky albums like Jay-Z's 'Black' being mixed with The Beatles' 'White' to form 'The Grey Album' does not count. Pure rubbish!

I'm talking about the fusion of a classic rock INTERN with alter-ego, bedroom hip hop mega-producer. It may sound like a shameless plug, but guess what? It's my freakin' blog. I'm just doin my damn job! So there you have it. Indeed, as of late I have gotten my recording back in gear, and while I haven't interviewed foreign political leaders for the show... or banged out any exclusive jingles for the next big CONTEST... you can still check out the goods (and tell me how much my generation sucks, musically).

Allz ma beats is found right here

I'm sure John would love to pump my beats on air, but sadly, our format is a bit skewed for their sound. Couple things are lacking. Mainly, classic, and rock. But thanks in advance!