Thursday, February 1, 2007

Today I Graduate

So give me another pass on the blog! I've been a slack and a hack writer this week. I admit it. But give me a break... I been writin' for years now (hasn't always been about embarassing life tidbits) and I'm finally getting rewarded for it today! That's right, at 1pm on N. Broad St in Philadelphia, I will be Dr. Intern Dave.

Did I also mention I tend to exaggerate more on Thursdays? Can't help it. I have weekend anxiety! I will be having a huge graduation party, with volleyball, snacks, fruit punch, backgammon... and I'm gonna have money coming out my ears! By the way I tend to miss Bill Henley's forecast on Thursdays.

So hold your pants on until I return! You'll soon find out about all the crazy moments and hilarious hijinx' of Temple University School of Communications and Theater Graduation *sigh* My Cosby-watch is in full effect.