Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Police Are Coming!

Apparently in more ways than one. Sure, everyone knows that old Sting, Stew and Summers are reuniting, but what was with the helipcopters last night?! I don't know if it was over the top tour promotion or what, but the police were circling over my neighborhood for a good 15 minutes last night!

Sting's mug was not on the side of the chopper, however, nope. No mullett banner streaming from the tail-end (although how genius would that be?!). And no, not even Stewart Copeland's neandertholic thighs were to be seen dangling out of the side... just a very bright spotlight shining down into my back alley. Not the best time for an evening stroll!

So obviously, my Police World Tour promotion idea went out the window pretty quickly. I think it was right after my girlfriend reminded me we were in our PHILLY apartment (I go to Quakertown on the weekends, give me a break).

I hope Sting realizes this is Philly. The only 'message in a bottle' he's gonna find here will involve an empty 40, Roxanne stands at median off Delaware Ave on weekend nights, and 'every breath you take' brings you one step closer to Emphysema. The city paper does have some sweet Kama Sutra ads though!

Peace in the patrolled-from-above Northeast.