Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Weekend Shenanigans

It was a decent time this weekend... celebrating graduation with tons of fam/ friends in the snow. We had all kinds of food, spirits... sleds to entertain the masses (in that order). My Grandparents even showed up and hung out, God Bless'em, at 81 and 85! They were walking around better and straighter than me by night's end.

But it was a great time. Who needs volleyball and horseshoes when you have winter combined with a 100 yard BACK yard?! Sloped with an icy coating and frozen-solid finish-line pond. That was the VIP area by mid-party. As in "Very Idiotic Person". Or perhaps "Various Injuries Protruding". That said, anyone who was anyone was out, tabogan or saucer in hand, tearing up the backyard hill. We had everything, from coon hounds flying down the hill, to bloody knuckles, to bone fragments seeing the light of graduation day! Hang tight. I have proof. It's gonna warm my mom's heart to go through my graduation photo album and see my cake... me and girlfriend, smily happy graduates... busted shin bone.

Much love to my family for coming out unlike all my lazyass friends in Allentown. You had nothing to do with my graduating anyway! Peace.