Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'm officially a geek.

Hey! I'm back. I apologize for lack of insight the other day. Actually, I apologize for lack of insight every day. But you are here, so I guess there's something compelling you! I know. Trainwrecks are always fascinating. Well, wreck I shall! Yesterday i flew outta here faster than Britney in rehab, and for what reason?! I had a miriad of errands to run, the most important of which? I bought more RAM for my computer.

There is no porn in that equation whatsoever, so just stop. Although I see your point. And it is pretty freakin hilarious. But! What I'm referring to is Random Access Memory. The stuff that allows your porno to have less start and stop, a quicker load, etc. Oh Christ. Forget it! RAM. Computer chips! This stuff is treated like porno in the geek world. It's the gold standard for nerd status. Normal dudes brag about how many chicks they've plugged. Nerds brag about how much RAM they've plugged in lately! I'm serious.

I remember being in high school and hanging with the token computer nerd from the grade above... Garrett. Big, dopey Garrett. He once asked me what I thought he should invest in next. It was big decision time for him and his savings. "New car? Or more RAM???"

I could have taken the dad-joke route of, "Well, have you considered the Dodge_Ram?!" But instead I just punched him.

And now I have fallen/ risen (?) into the same category. I can't believe it, but hey... I did it. It's cool. I went home last night with two beauties from the local Best Buy. Two sweet little things, 512 mb dimensions, both in green, twins I think! Went home, inserted them inside, and I was up and working, just like that. Incredible speed! Multi-tasking never was better! More boxes up at once! What's not to love?!

Where's the geek sheet at? Sign me up. Guys, I'm telling you, RAM it up!