Friday, February 2, 2007

Who invented the graduation hat?

That's all I want to know. Whose idea was it to celebrate 4+ years of academic slave-labor by donning a piece of cardboard stuck into a sock, with a big string dangling from it? That was my only problem graduating yesterday. I can live with the obligatory nice shirt, tie, big black robe. But don't expect me to put up with a tassel swinging in my face for more than an hour.

But honestly, graduation was enjoyable! I was nestled between other kids whose names end in 'G', and no, Giant Brian was not one of them. Go Go? He was there. I didn't ask what was going on beneath that robe the whole time though. But I was surprised, my speakers were short, concise, even (I gotta admit it) inspiring *awww*. I loved it though, because that canceled out the gushing sorority girl with greeting card sentiments that I was expecting. "CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, GANG?! WE DID IT!"

No, my graduation was exemplary of the fine media folk that Temple U churns out. Fine future members of the television, media and radio biz gathered under one roof together. Almost like being back at The DeBella DeBall... minus all the booze.

Oh, and the only "Shout"ing was of a different kind-
'Shaniqua M. Jones'
"You GO Shaniqua! Das ma baby! Yeeaaah, girl!" *air horn*

'David W. Gibson III' *crickets chirping*

Much love to my family and grandfamily for comin' out! Love you guys.