Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cupid Hangover

Sucks to be the flower and teddy bear delivery guy yesterday. Not only are you stuck in a big cold van cruising around in ice and snow, but everyone you meet up with is eating chocolate, warmly embracing lovers, and having sex. Sweet gig!

I thought about that since I, myself, had a tough time getting to my sweet gig yesterday. Did you notice?? Probably not. Thankfully, interns have the option of calling out here. We aren't known for our superior car power. Just star power! Does the italics translate sarcasm well? Hopefully.

So let's see... my blog. My life. Well! Had a splendid Valentine's Day/ Big One with my lovely girlfriend yesterday. The Big One is not some new 7/11 drink... I mean The big one. The milestone for high school and college kids. The endangered species of Hollywood. The one year anniversary!

I will now define 'keeper': any girl who says "don't worry about getting me anything" AND REALLY MEANS IT! We actually bought each other plane tickets for Cali this summer. And for V-day we just exchanged cards, she cooked chicken parm subs, we drank Blue Moon beer and watched movies. The end. Ok, OF COURSE other things took place but this is a family show! Hence, a family blog. We did it 8 times.

Peace in the lovenest, otherwise known as the Northeast!