Friday, February 23, 2007

Party Time

Well, this weekend isn't exactly prone to busting out the old volleyball net and shuttlecocks (I'm just writing this blog to use that word). Nor is it exactly prime for setting up tents with loads of food, while seeing your Dad walk around in shorts with his camera. What in God's name am I talking about? I'm referring to my graduation party, of course!

I and the lovely girlfriend just had our January graduation from Temple U, hence the coldest party this side of the Polar Bear Club. Should be pretty sweet though, I mean we are getting a half-keg? That's how you know you are getting old. A half keg. Pfff! I can just hear the frat boy insults ringing in my head. Yes, either getting old, or your friends are just lazy and you know you'll get stuck suckin' it down with Grandma. But, one thing is for sure- the best idea was to get a bigass pig to pull apart! A pork-pull, as they say. If they had college in Medieval times, you know that's how it'd go down! We are going super oldschool.

So, obviously we didn't graduate from THAT kind of Temple. Kind of a red flag. But the one we did grad from makes our families very happy, and celebrate we shall. Should be quite frightening, actually, it is the seminal "meeting of the parents". So, sorry Mom, no keg stands this time.

Peace in the hopefully melting backwoods of Quakertown this weekend!