Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Scrabble Addiction

So, Peyton won... '24' came in sharp AND free as ever last night... my car still takes 15 minutes and 5 restarts to warm up in this cold... not the most eventful of weekends for me. BUT! I did extend my Scrabble win-streak over my girlfriend to 5 games. And then she ended it. Decisively. Yes, on Sunday she finally got me, with a 357-point strike.

Note to couples- play Scrabble. It does something, it's magic! Pure relationship-magic. It brings your relationship this whole new level. Not just of geekdom either! I gotta tell you... It heightens competition. You always can get the last word. Wordplay is foreplay. Can you spell innuendo?! Arguments are more intellectual and chock-full of absurd words like Jag, Quat and Zonk! It's awesome.

So anyway, now my record for '07 stands at 6-5. I'll keep all you INtern Dave fans updated, don't worry. I'm bringin' down the Scrabble hammer for the DeBellaware Valley, you can bet your triple-word squares on that!